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Career Development Theories and Techniques ( 3 CE SEMESTER UNIT )

3 credits

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Course Description

This course offers instruction and review of (a) the development of career counseling as a field, (b) six of the most prominent career development and counseling theories, (c) career testing and assessment, and (d) discussion of online counseling tools. The role of happenstance in career is also reviewed. A distinguishing feature of this course continuous priority place on putting career development in a multicultural and lifespan context. In this way, career theory and technique are discussed in context to clients’ lived experiences with power, privilege and oppression and fluidity of identity and self-definition for people across race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, social and economic class, religion, ability, age, body size, immigration status, language, and other salient identities. Furthermore, this course maintains a client focus, with client autonomy and empowerment as central features. Distinctions are made between career development and techniques used in career counseling. This course emphasizes career decision-making and the interrelationships among and between work, family, and other life roles.



Swanson, J. L., and Fouad, N. A. (2010). Career Theory and Practice: Learning Through Case Studies (4th Ed). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. ISBN: 13: 978-1544333663

This academic graduate-level course is designed to meet three-semester units of career development theories and techniques requirement for LPCC licensing in California.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any advantages to taking these courses through Alliant?

Yes, there are several advantages to taking these courses through Alliant’s CE Division:

  • The instructors have been designated by Alliant program directors. They are very familiar with our programs and know what is needed to prepare you properly.
  • The courses will be accepted by Alliant as meeting the academic prerequisites for admission.
  • Once the course is completed, we will provide information on how to request a transcript based on the Board of Behavioral Science acceptance. 

What is the format of the courses?

The courses are offered online as Guided Independent Study. All course material will be online.

Refunds for online courses are only granted to those who have not logged in to the course. Should you need to withdraw or cancel your enrollment, you are eligible to receive a full refund if you notify withing 48 hours of registration. 


Course Instructor

Shelia Henderson, PhD

Sheila Henderson, PhD

Sheila J. Henderson, MBA, Ph.D., is a California licensed Counseling Psychologist, former Associate Provost of Alliant International University and former Visiting Associate Professor at the California School of Professional Psychology. Sheila has co-authored books, written articles, and presented at conferences in the area of career development, multicultural competency development, mentoring, website evaluation, and creative achievement. Sheila books are entitled: Building Multicultural Competency, Fostering Inventiveness in Children, and Invention Friday Curriculum: Grades 2-5. Sheila has a BA in economics, an MBA, and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Stanford University, School of Education. In 2008, Sheila received the Hans Sauer Award and Prize from Germany recognizing her research on the psychology of inventors.



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